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Kimcell - bringing the human touch to technology

Kimcell is a privately-owned provider of Information Technology Services, the sort of organization that current fashion might call a boutique consulting firm. We are a people-centric business: you are an organisation that wants to be treated with respect and dignity. We are what you are looking for from a supplier for the long term.

We're great believers in a philosophy of “no frills, no spills”. We focus tightly on our chosen markets, and deliver solid, dependable, cost-effective services and solutions without fuss, clamour and marketing hype – we don't believe in spending money on marble halls, plashing fountains and gleaming chrome in expensive offices.

We are proud of our grey hair – those of us who still have any – and as a result we deliver results where perhaps others do not: we've made, and learned from, all the mistakes years ago.

We operate via three well-established brands:


A management consultancy that has been conducting reviews and providing interim specialists to the Government sector and its suppliers since 1989.


Since 2000 e-mango has been providing web applications in the membership sector, enabling such organizations easily to manage their own web sites and CRM databases, or to hand them over to e-mango to manage.

Datacenta Hosting

For over 17 years a leading provider of secure hosting, managed private cloud, network connectivity, on-line backup, email and Internet Access and Secure Information solutions.